Hey guys! Something happened today that lead me to this, that lead me to starting a blog like this. I’ll tell you what that is tomorrow because I need to go to bed. I just wanted to make this post to let you guys know how my blog will work. I will try to blog once a day and with each post I will attach a song that I want you to listen to while reading that post. I am going to keep my identity a secret, but I just needed something to let everything out on to. My life can get pretty interesting sometimes, so I just thought I would let other people in on it… sort of. So yeah, the posts probably won’t be that great towards the beginning, but hopefully I will improve as time goes on. I may let you know who I am eventually, but for now just call me Z.

*Song of the Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km85F_GuloY*